To create a positive social outlet through creative events that inspires a community of women to support and empower each other in personal and professional endeavors.


What it means to be a partner of Girlfriends!

You are an important asset to this movement! You are viewed as someone who is ready to share your gifts with others to enrich yours and their life. You are a friend and business associate. You are ready to help make a positive influence on others and lead with integrity of empowering women and strengthening sisterhood through positive encouragement and support. Girlfriends! participants will listen to you, so it is important that you always give your best as an Empowering Leader and Partner of Girlfriends!

Partner Requirements

  • You are required to pay the annual partnership fee in full prior to receiving benefits  and collaborating with Girlfriends!.
  • Be on-time.
  • Communicate when arriving late or cancelling your attendance at Girlfriends! meetings and events.
  • Bring the materials you need to present.
  • Be knowledgeable about the topics and products you present.
  • Create gifts for all participants when presenting.
  • Promote Girlfriends! to women that would enjoy this event.
  • Fill out a feedback form.
  • When presenting, you are committing to at least but not limited to four 1-hour meetings; to collaborate, review, set up and break down the event, and for a recap.
  • When presenting, you are committing to presenting. If you must cancel, you are expected to pay $150 for cancelling and required to find a replacement for your position. To avoid paying the fee, you may cancel prior to any advertising and marketing distributions are made.
  • You are held accountable for commitments you make as stated in this agreement.
  • You uphold standards of being a Partner of Girlfriends! as stated in this agreement.
  • You will not abuse Girlfriends! name, integrity, and any affiliations with Girlfriends! or Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC.
  • You understand that you are not a volunteer or employee of Girlfriends! or Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC.
  • You understand you are not required to present at all events and may request events you’d like to present or participate in.

Common qualities of Partners of Girlfriends!

Not required but is appreciated.

  • Honest
  • Helpful
  • Creative
  • Kind
  • Generous
  • Compassionate
  • Patient
  • Good Communicator
  • Insightful
  • Friendly
  • Fun
  • Smart
  • Positive
  • Intuitive
  • Adaptable
  • Knows That She Doesn’t Know Everything
  • Likes to Learn
  • Team Player
  • Team Builder
  • Loyal
  • Independent
  • Go-Getter
  • Eco-Conscious
  • Open-Minded
  • Grateful
  • Punctual

Code of Ethics

  • Be Kind & Loving to Yourself
  • Be Kind & Compassionate to Others
  • Let Karma Work Itself Out
  • Uphold Integrity and Be Respectful of Differences & Private Information Shared
  • Be Positive in the Way You Express Yourself
  • Be Supportive and Ask for Support
  • Be Responsible for Your Actions & Listen to Your Intuition


Empowering Leaders are also expected to protect any confidential or proprietary information that comes to them, from whatever source, in the course of performing their responsibilities for Girlfriends! This includes information received from or related to Girlfriends! attendees, third parties (such as vendors and sponsors) with which Girlfriends! and Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC has or is contemplating a relationship.

Confidential or proprietary information includes all non-public information relating to Girlfriends! and Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC, Girlfriends! attendees or a third party. Examples include material nonpublic information about operating results, new development places, and most partner information. If you are unsure whether information is confidential, contact me and we will discuss what is confidential and what is not.

Marketing, Social Media and Online Forums

Empowering Leaders may not speak to reporters or members of the media on behalf of Girlfriends! or Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC without getting approval for content shared prior as doing so may risk providing incorrect information or revealing proprietary strategies. Consult Brandi Kiana-Jo prior to speaking with any reporter or member of the media about Girlfriends! or Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC.

Girlfriends! is going to be distributed in a variety of media outlets, it’s important to uphold your integrity and standards as an Empowering Leader of Girlfriends! at all times. Any information you are unsure of sharing must be consulted by Brandi Kiana-Jo prior to posting. We are here to support each other whether that is on or offline, this means, Brandi Kiana-Jo will uphold the same standards as a reflection of what she requests in this agreement. Information you give will be used with your consent prior to publishing and sharing.

 Termination of Partnership

  • Drinking alcohol is okay but any display of drug and alcohol intoxication is not tolerated at Girlfriends! ie: slurred speech, problems with coordination, rapid involuntary eye movement, etc.
  • Any physical or emotional abuse is not tolerated at Girlfriends! with any participants, third parties or bystanders ie: yelling, cussing, fighting, aggressive or condescending talk
  • Public display of any of the conditions listed above may harm your position as a positive influencer of Girlfriends! and is not tolerated.
  • Stealing or borrowing without consent of any property of Girlfriends! participants, third parties or bystanders is not tolerated and may lead to termination of partnership with Girlfriends! and may be fined for any proven acts of stealing by Girlfriends! participants, third parties and bystanders. If this happens, you are liable and responsible to pay for any fees served.
  • Discounts and offerings of your products and service is encouraged but pushy salesmanship with Girlfriends! participants is not allowed. Please be respectful and use your intuition. Any complaints mean you’ve gone too far.
  • Any false or misled information in regard to Girlfriends! Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC, and third parties and is a violation of Code of Ethics.
  • Violating anything stated on this Empowering Leader Agreement may lead to the termination of the partnership and you may be fined for any misconduct or damages.

The undersigned and Brandi Kiana-Jo has the right to terminate the partnership at anytime with a written statement of terminating the partnership with reason. If the undersigned would like to terminate the Partnership Agreement, the undersigned may be liable for any promo materials that have been made or distributed for a fine up to $3000 depending on the time and supplies it took to create and publish the material. If the undersigned has violated any part of the Partnership Agreement: broke confidentiality with Girlfriends! participants, third parties or bystanders, shared false or misleading information about Girlfriends! or Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC, any physical or verbal abuse with Girlfriends! participants, third parties or bystanders, stealing or borrowing without consent of any property of Girlfriends! participants, third parties or bystanders including mishandling monies or tickets collected, or misuse of promo material other than for promotional purposes of Girlfriends! following the Code of Ethics. If the undersigned has agreed to speaking or presenting at events but must cancel, the partner provide a written statement prior to any promo materials have been made and distributed to avoid any fines. Once partnership is terminated, all discounts and other agreements will be terminated the same day.

Liability from Girlfriends!

The same that Girlfriends! and Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC is not liable for actions you make, you are not liable for actions that Girlfriends! or Brandi Kiana-Jo makes. You are not held liable for any damages that may occur through Girlfriends! speakers, presenters, vendors, guests or any third parties of Girlfriends! and Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC. You are only held responsible and held liable for actions you make.


I was inspired to produce this event to connect and have more girlfriends in my life while continuing to empower others and let my business grow. As a participant, I will unfold just like you. I will share private information and through this, there will be intimate moments in which friendships will be enriched. As a participant, experiential event producer and coach, I will uphold the Code of Ethics and standards of Girlfriends!
— Brandi Kiana-Jo


By filling the form below, you are signing Girlfriends! Empowering Leaders Agreement and stating that you understand all information stated in this agreement form and are committing to partnership as a an Empowering Leader with Girlfriends! and Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC starting today (as signed below) for the next 12 months for Girlfriends! event.

You understand that Girlfriends! is a new event and any changes or additional information may be added at any time, you will be notified via email, text or verbal communication and will receive an email confirmation of changes.

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