Tarah is expressive, fun, nurturing, action-oriented, curious, loving and irrelevant at times. She enjoys in depth conversations. She loves to be in the moment, enjoy the incredible beauty all around us, read, connect with friends and family, spend time with dogs and kids, go on adventures, hike, swim in the ocean, travel, explore the unknown on earth (and also beyond...explore the Infinite Nature of myself and all) and dance.

Tarah is going to empower women in career, money, health and spirituality. You might've seen her lead Girlfriends! at New Year Bliss this year & Summer Time Hotness in 2017. She'll be co-hosting Girlfriends! in March: Empower Women for 2018.

Her calling is to coach people in experiencing their infinite nature so they can choose unconditional bliss in any moment, regardless of external circumstances.

To activate and awaken all galactic beings so they may remember who they are, why they are here and raise the vibration on Earth.
— Tarah

Tarah cyel

is an Empowering Leader of Girlfriends!, a Galactic Tour Guide and Spiritual Life Coach. She helps those who feel like they don’t belong here on Earth to activate their Infinite Nature, rise to meet their soul’s deepest calling, be the leader they came here to be and thus raise the vibration of all. Tarah is the host of the Wide Awakened Healing Podcast. Find out more on her website at www.tarahcyel.com. 

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