I had a great experience this weekend! Brandi had seen that I was interested on Facebook, and followed up with a direct message informing me about the FREE workshop for Bridging the Gap Between the Community and Schools: Empowering Educators to Empower Students. We watched a video, did a writing exercise that was helpful for identifying what exactly we were doing as educators and goals for the future, and then we met some members of the local community for networking. All of the presenters/guests were relevant and provided contact info for future networking and collaboration. I noticed a common theme as were going through the writing exercise. There was no one there for selfish agendas. We all had gathered on a Saturday morning, and on a holiday weekend at that, for the greater good (as educators, for our students and tomorrow’s leaders). The outcome of the workshop and my own personal reflections were pretty epic! I realized there are so many people ready for change! This is a major movement and we are on the brink of a major revolution. Let’s grow the movement!
— Brian B, 4/2017
Thoughtful. An ability to interact with colleagues in a different way. We are all human.
— Anonymous, 36, Camaraderie-Building Workshop, Feb. 2018
It was helpful to take a step away from day to day to see consumes in a different way. Learning about my colleagues. It gave me a stronger connection to my colleagues.
— Melissa, Camaraderie-Building Workshop, Feb. 2018
Absolutely a delight! The ability to shift set away from work and dive deep emotionally. Reaffirmation of stuff I already knew and treasured. Temporary spike in a baseline level of connection that was already high.
— Frederic, 71, Camaraderie-Building Workshop, Feb. 2018
Uplifting. Sharing; getting to know others. Gave me greater ability to self reflect.
— Anonymous from Camaraderie-Building Workshop, Feb. 2018
Uplifting, valuable process of thinking (loved both the video & workshop!) I need to start implementing my visions now!
— Steph, ETES, April 2017
I enjoyed being led into sorting my thoughts.
— Anonymous, ETES, April 2017
I really enjoyed the format of showing the documentary first, providing time to collect and write our thoughts with guided instructions and to reflect, share with others. Opportunity to intentionally reflect and write honestly what our purpose is and goals are, to hear and collaborate with others in the group.
— Anonymous from Empowering Teachers to Empower Students Workshop, Feb. 2017
Loved joining in with teachers and learning about a new way of doing things.
— Anonymous from Empowering Teachers to Empower Students Workshop, Feb. 2107
Love it! Good variety. Peaceful ambiance. Perfect setting.
— Anonymous from Water is Life, Dec. 2016
Beautiful. Kia ora.
— Anynonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Dec. 2016
I really enjoyed the guided meditation. I learned how to do a meditation and the importance of giving to ourselves.
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps Nov. 2016
I truly enjoyed how deep you made us dig into ourselves! The meditation opened my heart and mind!
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps, Nov. 2016
Love of self.
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Nov. 2016
Pono, ohana, akua
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Sept. 2016


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Kiana is an amazing coach & human being. She coached me on how to share my story for the “Aha Awa & Storytellers” Event, and she is a powerful facilitator. She has a talent in encouraging others to realize their experiences and feelings in such a pure and loving way. She allowed me to cry and release a lot of emotion around my personal story, and she really had a way in making me feel comfortable and safe over the phone before we even met in person. Her spirit is so positive and full of unconditional love for everyone, and I highly recommend her services & coaching!
— Doorae S, 10/2016
Beautiful! Learning more about my co-workers personally. We’re all human. Have same life experiences and can use that to help each other.
— Heavenly, 37, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
It was awesome! Making the gingerbread house together. I learned that we all have different personalities but we all work together.
— Cynthia, 28, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
Amazing! Discovering that we each make a difference in each other’s lives. I learned that we were all once a part of something, but something brought all of us together + made us greater.
— Al, 32, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
Meaningful and full of love. Everyone’s participation & honesty. Show hows truly loving and open people at Rebound are.
— Beata, 41, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
Great. Everyone working together. We are one team that supports each other at work daily.
— Anonymous, age 38, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
Hearing each person in my group talk, such lovely personalities! Painting!
— Anonymous, Girlfriends! May 2017
Jealousy, it is such a constant struggle that is not talked about openly enough. Painting! So fun!
— Elliana, Girlfriends! May 2017
The thought exercise was valuable in helping me to identify road blocks in my path.
— Tyler, ETES, April 2017
It was a healing aspect to it. And I think it was awesome that you brought in other organizations.
— Anonymous from Empowering Teachers to Empower Students Workshop, Feb. 2017
I learned a lot of facts about water and the importance of it for so many things.
— Anonymous from Water is Life, Dec. 2016
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers Dec. 2016
I normally don’t like speaking in front of people but I felt very relaxed and honest with my answers (even though I didn’t talk). You have a very calming presence.
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps, Nov. 2016
It was very peaceful.
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps, Nov. 2016
Hopeful, inspiring, self-awakening
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Oct. 2016
Unifying, community, aloha
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Aug. 2016