Success Stories

There's nothing more true than your experience.

Hopeful, future-happy, satisfied & fulfilled with life. Relaxed. There is an answer.
— Beverly, 70, Honolulu, HI

Brandi is the kind of woman I wish I could have as a lifelong friend (without having to pay hourly), but since we met through networking, I learned about what she does. I was worried I would have to change my whole diet and that would be the focus of our consultation and first sessions. It wasn’t that way at all. I learned so much in the first two sessions. About myself and the way I treat money and spending, friendships, and how I’ve forgotten how to enjoy and what I enjoy in life. We didn’t talk about diet or eating habits at all (yet). I am looking forward to having more time with Brandi in the near future. 

The only thing I wish is that she had a rolling scale for her fees or lower packages. Even email only packages with limits. 

Thank you, Brandi, for being a gift and helping me to see my life as it is right now and what I can do to try to change the way I’m heading so I can be happier and fullfilled. 

— Lorrie N, 4/2017

I learned that I feel really good when I talk about things on my mind and that I need to take a little more control of my life and myself to do what I know is best for me and my family. I really enjoyed meeting you, Brandi, and taking steps to get a better balance in my life so that I can be the best person I can be.
— Rosanna, 35, Archaeologist

Brandi has such a beautiful soul. When I met her for a consultation, I was amazed from the get go. It was as if she knew the personal matters I had come to see her about before I had even said a word. She truly has a gift of healing with genuine love and compassion for helping people in the way she conducts herself and her practice.
My first session and practice was very productive, helping me identify some of my weaknesses and struggles as strengths, went over my goals, and created a unique plan for me. Brandi has a professional demeanor, listens and speaks with attention to detail, but also filled with the “Aloha Spirit” in her approach that made me feel like family.

I will gladly recommend Brandi and look forward to working with her again soon

— Russell T, 4/2017

Therapeutic, rejuvenating, enlightening.
— Lindsey, 40, Writer

Before starting my sessions with Brandi I knew I wanted to eat healthier and be healthier, but I needed help understanding what my individual needs were. Since my sessions I have a better outlook on health that has affected even my kids health. I find myself recovering from diseases faster and mostly preventing illnesses through discovering healthier foods. I found all of my sessions packed with a lot of information in such a short session. I liked the fact that our meetings were prompt. These sessions are good for anybody. If you are going through a change in life or feel you need to change something in your life and you need help, Brandi is your girl. I appreciated the accountability.
— Tyson, 44, Restaurant Industry

Trust, respect, support. Agapy coming from the Greek word meaning love. She always gives and way beyond then she needs to, always cheerful, wanting to improve others around her, unconditional love.
— Remy, 33, PharmD

She knows a lot about different industries and the expectations of those industries. She asks thought provoking and beneficial questions for my life goals. She has been a selfless, intelligent, and helpful mentor for everything I needed to advance my career and my own self achievement...Thank you Brandi for getting me on the right track and suggesting the path for my success! I can’t say she will help you as much as she helped me but I know she can! Do it for yourself and she’ll help you!
— Jeffrey, 31, Chef & Manager
I learned more about me and who I am and also about others and how I can support them. I enjoyed speaking out and saying what’s on my mind. I found the learning process valuable and writing things down.
— Devyne, 13, O'ahu

I met Brandi at a friends social gathering one afternoon and started talking about our lives. Brandi told me about her career and passion in holistic healing, which caught my interest, so we set up an appointment to meet the week after. I am usually not the type of person to share my feelings and difficulties with other people, but I can truly say Brandi made it very easy to open up and discuss things I had going on in my life that were both positive and negative. My experience was a lot more enlightening than I had expected. She listened carefully to everything I had to say and then helped me understand some issues I was dealing with that I did not notice before. I would highly recommend taking the time to meet with Brandi because you may discover things about yourself and your life you did not notice before. Thank you again Brandi!
— Ryan B, 11/2016

I had just finished my associates and making decisions about what to do next. I originally thought Brandi was a dietician and we wound up discussing a lot more than food. One of the questions she asks is when were you most happy and I am working toward that time being the present. Only had one (consultation) so far and a brief follow up but i think there is a lot of potential to learn from this lady. I liked how they were fun and informative and had ideas i could follow up on pretty much immediately. Eye-opening. I actually have recommended her to one friend already.
— Mark, 36, USA Full-Time Student

Respectful, interested in each other’s lives, expressive, therapeutic, real, honest, new.
— Rico, 50, Landscape Designer

Ok. Kiana saved my life and helped me more than i could’ve ever imagined. She didnt just help me in 1 aspect of my life but in my whole life. I have never been happier and if i had continued down the same path i was going i never wouldve met the sweetest woman i have ever met in my life. Kiana is a life saver and i owe everything to her. Do your self a favor and do the consultation. You wont regret it. I know i dont!!!
— Kaukahi S, 6/2017

Beautiful, adventurous and unique.
— Jamaal, 34, Life Coach & Personal Trainer

Brandi exudes a confidence,ease,and grace I was looking for in a professional life coach. She works with her clients strengths and weaknesses to provide them with the resources they need to accomplish their goals.It isnt always easy working with someone especially in relation to personal matters. Brandi helped me to face old fears Id often run away from.Our sessions were heartfelt. She was like an old girlfriend I met back in elementary school and continued to remain friends with. We laughed,cried,shared personal testimonies and learned from each other. I definitely have gained many authentic experiences through my work with Brandi.
— Melissa N, 9/2016

She deeply understands the importance of looking at the connection between mind, body and spirit. She is very knowledgeable about each topic separately, but what she does in her practice, and in her own life, is pull them together in a beautiful way. Brandi has always provided me with support and guidance for my coaching practice – she really understands how to guide people to health and happiness in a way that’s supportive and effective. Her positive attitude is always a reminder to me that this life is really an amazing adventure – her positivity is contagious! I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know Brandi!
— Kate, 24, Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher, New York

Solid! A grateful friend, I look at her like a Spiritual Guide.
— Keala, 38, Moloka'i

Opening up yourself to someone else can make you feel vulnerable, yet so free. I learned that in order for me to see myself I must allow others to see me as well. I enjoyed Brandi’s definition of success, and her evaluation of what she saw in me.
— Brandon, 22, Self-Employed
Her business card says it all, “We met for a reason.” I felt that way about her the moment I heard her present at a networking event and immediately knew that I wanted to hire her to work with my teenage daughter who was recovering mentally, emotionally and physically from a recent brain injury. In the back of my mind I thought to myself, I’d love to work with this woman in the future. Fast-forward her completing her assignment with my daughter and I ended up hiring her as my coach as well. Funny how things work out that way.

Brandi has the kind of energy and soul that is filled with such compassion and wisdom. Don’t let her youthful look fool you... speaking with her you just get a sense that she’s been here before, many times over. She’s such a beautiful, old soul. She’s kind, patient and always smiling. Very intuitive, some may call it psychic. Whatever it is... she’s spot on.

I recognized a shift in my daughter’s confidence and her communication after working with Brandi. Brandi also helped to draw out her creativity as she was always an artsy, crafty kind of kid. Thank you Brandi for helping to nurture her back to mental, emotional and spiritual alignment so that she could continue to heal physically.

My experience in working with Brandi has been such an awesome and life changing event for me. Her guided writing exercises helped me to acknowledge and embrace my life passions which were really just confirmations of what we already know abut ourselves deep down inside. Her work has helped me to get through the limiting beliefs I had about myself that were keeping me in a state of stagnant growth which was preventing me from tapping into my true potential for everything that I have yet to do in this life.

The transformation I’ve made since working with her has opened up so many personal and business opportunities because of the more confident, compassionate, self-aware mother, wife and business owner I have become. This was my first rodeo with a coach. Not many people ever think about hiring one and before meeting her had never considered it myself.

Going into this experience I just knew that I was ready to grow. I didn’t know how, wasn’t really ready to admit why, had no idea what to expect and certainly didn’t realize who I would become once I stepped outside of my comfort zone at each session and just allowed the process to unfold without resistance. The result, I have more clarity, vision and the tools I need to build upon the legacy my husband and I will leave for our children.

I’d totally recommend working with Brandi and learning more about all the other incredibly charitable things she has going on in the community. Her visions and her dreams for what she plans to do in this lifetime is truly inspiring! Thank you Brandi for lighting the way.
— Halona B, 8/2017

I met Brandi at the beginning of her practice, she has such a passion in helping people achieve the best in pursuit of health, happiness and love of life. I will never forget the day she told me about her passion, needless to say I signed on for several sessions.  I quickly realized to expect the unexpected during our time together.  She challenged my mind, heart, soul and my physical well being.  Each session was always fulfilling and thought provoking.  She made me laugh, cry and reach deep inside my heart.  

Brandi made realize that I have lived an amazing life and that the best is yet to come.  I learned that there are people that truly have compassion and love in their hearts, who want to touch the lives of their fellow brothers and sisters spreading love, peace and harmony.

Brandi’s events are interactive and well thought out.  Always reaching out to all types of ethnicity and race, consistently bring people together through enlightenment and understanding.

Jump in with an open mind and heart, you will not be disappointed.  

I lovingly call her coach.  She is the best COACH ever!”

— Rob C. 9/2016