September's Storytellers

This month's storytellers are part of the arms and legs that move the 'awa ceremony. 'Awa Koa is the name of the group passionate about 'awa that creates the "Aha 'Awa" in the Aha 'Awa & Storytellers movement. Everyone has a story. It is time to hear the strengths of 3 members of 'Awa Koa from where they've been, where they're at and where they're going. We all have a calling. Let's look deeper and learn about the motives behind our ohana at 'Awa Koa.


Kapono Mahoe

Kapono is an individual who has faced many obstacles in life that has taught him the real meaning of earnings from pennies and dollars to despair and integrity. He will share with you what he has learned from his upbringing and the insight that had put him on this path.

keala and ha'akoa boys.jpg

isma mo'ikeha paleka

Calm, nurturing and well-equipped with zeal and words of wisdom. Isma has been down a road that has taught him many things in life. Passionate about family, land, ocean, the world as a whole and the connections in between. Listen to Isma share his story about lokahi and what he has learned through his trials and tribulations.


Halona fukutomi

Young and ready for the world to uncover his next step. He is open and willing to take action to his next move. Talents from skateboarding, songwriting and  ha'akoa, Halona may deliver you a colorful bundle of surprises. Witness his talents this September.