What do you do or want to do to make a difference in the world today?

More than anything I want to ensure that students with emotional and behavioral difficulties have a chance at success. I want to be their voice until they finally are able to have there own. I want to ensure that these high risk students become functioning and successful adults. Every child deserves a chance. 

Rebecca Belmont

What you are most passionate about or what do you love to do?

The students and youth that I have worked with for the majority of my adult life need supports and services that they are not currently receiving. This is my reason for being her today, why I continue to work with the categorized ED and SM children and further my education to improve their lives. My passion  in life is saving and changing the lives of ED and SM youth. They are pushed aside, ignored, and forgotten. They need change and they need a voice. I want to start that change and louder their voice.

What do you do for work or volunteer?

I have been in education, specifically special education, for about twelve years. I started working with homeless youth when I was twenty-two and just out of my four year enlistment in the U.S. Navy. I worked with youth who were born of drug addiction, addict them, prostituted for money from their parents, along with an array of heinous acts and lifestyles a person should never have to experience.Over the next twelve years I worked within residential centers, psychiatric youth hospitals, non-public behavioral schools and the United States public school system.