Educating and promoting the unity of the community, culture, art, and nature through private sessions and events to provoke deep thought and apply hands-on experience with an emphasis on compassion and gratitude. Independent and communal work, ancient to modern teachings, scientific to natural  studies all coalesced to find the balance within you.  

Speaking Events and Workshops


The Events

The events are an extension of Brandi's holistic practice. She works with individuals and organizations to heal and empower the unity of people, culture, food and earth's elements through education and real life experience.

Aha 'Awa & Storytellers

Aha 'Awa & Storytellers

 In an environment fitting for you, this will ultimately lead us to the best form of healthcare and educational system. Isn't it time for a change? It's about viewing the bigger picture, using knowledge from a variety of teachings and finding the path that suits you best so that you can be the best of you.

"Leave inspired."

These small group activities are events that vary from outdoor activities to indoor fun. Brandi believes in the importance of community and connecting with others. All events share one purpose and that is to create better relationships with self and others (including the environment). 

Interested in becoming part of the movement? Volunteer! You'll get hands-on training in a variety of fields from agriculture, diet, culture and more.