There's a trend going on right now and its a war between quality and convenience. 

Fast Food vs Home-Cooked, Organic vs GMO Produce, Eastern vs Western Medicine, City vs Land, Omnivore vs Vegan, are you seeing a pattern? There are hundreds of diet and exercise plans, remedies and medicines, and with the use of technology everyone can become an instant expert with the easy accessibility of online research these days. The information is abundant and with so many opinions out there, the information can be confusing and misleading. How do you know which one is true? Do you believe everything you read online? I'm not here to tell you all the answers, but I'd like to point you in the right direction.

Let's talk about work; most people work on an of average 40 hours a week at the site, that's 20 days in a month, that's about 65% of our time devoted to work and it doesn't include the time you get ready and how long it takes you to transport to work. Every month we are investing our time and efforts in the work we choose to do. Let me ask you this question; Do you love what you do? Do you love your job? Or are you tired of it and can't wait for your next day off? Or have you come to the conclusion that it's just good enough? I'm here to say that it doesn't have to be that way. It really doesn't. If you truly love your job, then great! I'm truly happy for you. 

How about health; why is everyone getting sick these days? Cancer is everywhere, based off of the media and scientific research you can get cancer in just about everything. Sadly, it's becoming part of the norm. You either are or have been a victim to cancer or serious disease OR you know someone who has. Listen to me when I say this; disease is not normal or, at least, it's not supposed to be. It's your body crying desperately for help from all the damage you (we) have put it through over time. How many of your friends or relatives are suffering from a disease or ailment? Don't you want the suffering to end?

I believe you can have a job you love, that you can find the right balance in your body and mind, and that you can truly be healthy and happier than you are today. In my practice, I believe it is has to do with all these things and more; diet & nutrition, physical wellness, spirituality, relationships, career and connection with self. To be truly happy it has to do with the balance of all these things.  Isn't it time to live the life you want to live? May I help you get there?

My goal is to achieve lokahi (harmony and balance) between both sides of the spectrum of science and nature. We've gotten so much from modern technology and so much from nature. The reason why we even developed science is to create and learn more about nature. How interesting it is to come full circle and to meet nature at its angriest. Our new ailments are results of the manifestation of unnatural resources. However, we've benefited so much from some of these things how could we ever lose it, why would we even want to- especially, from all the knowledge and resources we've gained? I'm not for or against all science and nature. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to help you see the path you are supposed to be on and help you live a happier and healthier life.  I'm here to help guide you.


Money can’t buy happiness, but good health can.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo San Agustin