Michael was an orphan in Ukraine until he was adopted at 12 years then moved to Central California. He has started a nonprofit to help “at-risk” kids called Ambitious Youth Incorporated. “Kids are our future. What we do will make the change in the future.” Michael has volunteered to donate his time to 3 schools of O’ahu to empower teenagers about being resilient to achieve your dreams. He has spoken and participated in Empowering Teachers to Empower Students Workshop on Saturday, April 15, 2017 at MyGoCenter about his endeavor to empower teens.

Michael is obtaining his master’s degree in business finance at Hawaii Pacific University.

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Michael-Vitally Vernon

is a champion athlete in the fitness industry as a coach and model. He’s inspired to help orphans and teenagers to be good examples for others to follow and makes yearly visits to an orphanage in Ukraine, “I can relate to the orphans because I know what it’s like. It reminds me to be humble and level-headed.”

Brandi puts her mind, heart and soul into each ONE of our SESSIONS. She has helped me move forward in my personal and overall life by creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. Highly recommended to anyone that needs that extra push in life for greater purpose.
— Michael-Vitally Vernon Champion Athlete, Fitness Coach and Model, Philanthropist