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Marga is outgoing, a go-giver, get-up-and-go, positive, responsible, leader, goal achievement driven, resourceful, energetic, motivated, resilient, perseverant, enthusiastic, passionate, courageous, influential, authentic, powerful, motivated, focused, tenacious, and the like. She was born in Porto Alegre, Brazil and currently resides on O'ahu. Marga has an adorable, loving 11-year old dog named Hope, a catahoula leopard hound rescue from the Humane Society. Hope and her past pets had taught her a lot of lessons that had inspired her to create an Energy Medicine and Shamanic Healing methodology for animals entitled: Dr. Marga's Animal Healing System, and to write the book "Positive Affirmations to Heal Your Pet and Other Animals". You'll learn more about her at Girlfriends!

I joined Girlfriends! because of our mutual vision and mission and to expand my network. I strongly believe in group /community power, and see all of us as a powerful and positive influencers in our community and society.
— Marga

As a realtor, Marga's mission is to satisfy my clients’ needs through undivided attention, reliability, and absolute loyalty.

As a Spiritual Coach and Motivational Speaker, Marga's mission is to empower individuals to achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams, develop their inner power, and overcome life challenges.

She would love to offer anyone in the Girlfriends! Community her heart, compassion, unconditional love, friendship, support, vision, skills, expertise, and life experience.

I am here to make a difference, to help make this world a better place to be in; to create healing, peace and harmony amongst ALL BEINGS
— Marga

Marga Da Silveira

is an Empowering Leader of Girlfriends!, Realtor, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Coach, and Human and Animal Healer. Her current passion is to empower individuals to achieve their goals, fulfill their dreams, develop their inner power, and overcome life challenges. Create Healing, Peace and Harmony amongst ALL BEINGS, by disseminating the philosophy of Life Reverence through vegan living, and unconditional love and compassion toward the animals.

Marga offers a variety of services as a realtor on Oahu to energy and spiritual healing for humans and animals. You can look to her for spiritual coaching, workshops, and lectures on Spiritual Awareness Development, Personal Growth & Empowerment, and Self-Healing; Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Healing; Animal Healing; Planetary Reality Consciousness; Human and Animal Life Beyond Death. Get in contact with Marga by messaging her below to assist you with your needs!

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