Is this right for you?

Question everything. Question until it feels right. Then question why? 

Who's this for?

Anyone that is willing and wanting to have a healthier and happier life.

People who are willing and wanting to do the work to get what they want and need means showing up on time and completing homework assignments designated by your Holistic Health Coach. 

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Benefits vary from person to person but they may include: a healthy diet, better sleep, an exercise regimen that feels right, reduced or eliminated anxiety and stress, traveling for fun, creating and maintaining better relationships, and an understanding of your purpose in life. 

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how it works

The first meeting is a consultation and a chance for you and Brandi Kiana-Jo to learn more about each other. This is the first step to knowing if this feels right for you. There is no obligation to sign up!

A health history form will be provided for you to fill out, she will discuss how she can help and a program will be recommended. 

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