One conversation can change your life.

Personal coaching includes intuitive counseling with compassionate guidance and empathic listening so you have a safe space to release concerns and questions in love, relationships, health, career and spirituality. Everything is kept confidential. Reduce stress, gain clarity and express your endeavors and achieve them through our ongoing sessions. You'll receive spiritual and practical advice to create  a positive change in your life starting today. Sign up for a consultation today. 

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 7 Reasons to work with Brandi Kiana-Jo

  1. Holistic: You'll discuss a variety of topics including diet, physical well-being, relationships, communication, career and spirituality.
  2. Unique: Brandi’s approach combines a balance of information from Eastern & Western philosophies, ancient & modernized lifestyles, with the use of natural and scientific data with practical tips to empower you.
  3. She’s on your side: She'll assist you in realizing your gifts and hidden talents to use towards your endeavors.
  4. Confidential: Trust is key and Brandi believes transparency is valuable to work together. Everything is kept confidential.
  5. Creative & Fun: Her sessions may include guided meditation, art therapy and writing exercises customized to you!
  6. Humanitarian: She hosts various events for the community and happily extends the invitations to you, your friends and family so all can experience something fun and interactive that empowers each other.  
  7. Punctual: Brandi likes to be on time. If she's late, you will be credited for half the session!

Sessions are available online or by phone.

Power through life's challenges and make a positive impact!

Everyone experiences different breakthroughs and outcomes. Here are some examples:

  • Quit an addiction to drugs & alcohol

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Learn how to manage stress
  • Come out of depression & suicidal tendencies
  • Communicate authentically with compassion
  • Strengthen and create better relationships
  • Have fun exercising
  • Enjoy eating healthy
  • Realize your purpose
  • Travel the world
  • Make a positive impact on others
  • Find or build your dream job
  • Become a positive influential leader
  • Live your dream life
Friendship, Community and Unity.
— Lehua, 33, Teacher & Hawaiian Healing Arts Practitioner
Hopeful, future-happy, satisifed & fulfilled with life. Relaxed. There is an answer.
— Beverly, 70, Honolulu, HI
Trust, respect, support. Agapy coming from the Greek word meaning love. She always gives and way beyond then she needs to, always cheerful, wanting to improve others around her, unconditional love.
— Remy, 33, PharmD
Respectful, interested in each other’s lives, expressive, therapeutic, real, honest, new.
— Rico, 50, Landscape Designer