Kiana aka Brandi San Agustin

Kiana is a co-host and co-creator of Aha 'Awa & Storytellers. 

What is your greatest passion or what do you love to do?

My greatest passion is understanding and strengthening the connection -within myself, with others (not just people but all creatures on earth), the earth's elements and the Light (Divine Spirit).

I love to laugh, surf, make people smile, connect with animals, inspire others, heal and pave the way for others to heal, learn, cook and sing.

What motivates you?

Suffering. I have a strong desire to guide people out of it by teaching them how to learn from it and find happiness through gratitude from the suffering. 

Also, new experiences; the unknown. Most people fear the unknown but we never know what's going to happen. Control is just a mirage built from the ego, which builds expectations. Don't expect, don't let the ego control and you will be free, open to new experiences in a way that will propel you to move forward like never before. Life can be beautiful!