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We met for a reason.

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“Brandi puts her mind, heart and soul into each ONE of our SESSIONS. She has helped me move forward in my personal and overall life by creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. Highly recommended to anyone that needs that extra push in life for greater purpose. “

-Michael Vitally-Vernon

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“The best of the best athletes have coaches. Even Michael Jordan had a coach! I’m no Michael Jordan, but at a time where I needed new direction I discovered Brandi. Her compassionate empathic abilities paired with a wealth of knowledge played a huge role in guiding me to shift perceptions that allowed miraculous change into my life. I call her an earth angel because she has allowed me to reflect on my natural gifts and live a more purposeful life. “

-Brittney Higuchi

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“Working with Brandi both personally and professionally has brought more clarity into my life. To be able to see beyond fear and doubt as well as identifying my why. I could not have asked for a better person to work with. She shows nothing but passion and compassion in what she does. She will always be dear to my heart and a friend forever. Mahalo nui loa Brandi for all that you have done and will do.”

-Leonard Keao

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Holistic Life Coach & Experiential Event Producer

Aloha, my name is Brandi Kiana-Jo and I am a holistic life coach and experiential event producer. I have overcome many of life’s obstacles such as physical, mental and sexual abuse at a young age along with many health, economical and social setbacks. From healing myself, I found purpose in sharing this wisdom with others. Everyone has gifts, in which I hope to share mine with you to help you discover and hone yours.

Whether you’re a teen or senior adult, our sessions will be concentrated with spiritual insight, scientific evidence for intellectual thought and practical advice to take action in the healing journey. As a light worker and artist, I’ll use creative ways to help you break down barriers by mental conditioning and spiritual enlightenment through guided meditations, writing exercises, art therapy, aroma therapy and community-building events.

Whether you feel a sense of lost direction in life or on the verge of being your greatest potential, we’ll dive deep beneath the surface touching on the mental, physical and spiritual level to help you reach your goals. Let’s work together.

-Brandi Kiana-Jo

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Do not waste your time and money on the same appointments that has not worked with you in the past, start with an introductory session and see what change can happen quickly today.

Invest in yourself, heal through this experience and you will undoubtedly create harmonious relationships and experiences that are true to your endeavors and lifestyle. Enlighten with the guidance of your holistic life coach. Receive customized handouts, writing exercises and personalized guidance! Raise self-awareness, deepen your relationships, heal old wounds, share your story and inspire others!

Start with an introductory meeting infused with a session 90-minutes.

One conversation can change your life.


Speaker & Experiential Event Producer

Hire Brandi to speak or produce an experiential event for your company or family. As a philanthropist, she has produced over 30 community-building events in only the past 2 years! She has a proven track record for her passion to help the community and has worked with nonprofits such as The Hawaii Restaurant Association, The Hawaiian Scottish Association and Hawai'i Conservation Alliance. AmeriCorps VISTA, YMCA, Lanikila Health Center and Rebound Hawaii. 

She has brought people together from different ages, genders and social backgrounds through speaking and leading various group activities and loves to coach on holistic wellbeing with an emphasis on spiritual psychology to help individuals reduce stress, build comradery and remind or help them discover their purpose in life.

Work with Brandi to help you bring people together in a fun, unique and unforgettable experiential event that makes a positive impact in your family, friends and business life.

Schedule a consultation to discover what Brandi can customize for your company as a speaker or workshop facilitator, or hire her for any workshops listed below.


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Help us build our next event!

Girlfriends!, 2017-2018

Girlfriends!, is a women’s empowerment workshop and networking event that was held monthly inspiring authentic connection through personal and professional development. You can hire Coach Brandi to host this experience in your community. Price ranges, schedule a consultation to see what fits your needs or inspiration. Brandi encourages community involvement by holding the events at local businesses and partnering with entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders.

Learn about the people who co-hosted Girlfriends! with Brandi, called Empowering Leaders…


*Soon women and teenage girls 16 years and up can play Girlfriends Vacation, a board game inspired by Girlfriends! event. Estimated time of arrival is February 2019.

Pledge a donation to support the process, pre-order your board game or donate it to a nonprofit organization!

Pledge Girlfriends

Empowering Educators Workshop 2017-2019

Host Empowering Educators Workshop to create a higher retention rate of our local teachers, ignite inspiration and create community engagement at your school!

In this workshop, educators will:

  • Get a FREE screening of documentary, Most Likely to Succeed

  • Reduce stress

  • Be inspired to keep teaching

  • Build compassion

  • Gain clarity of hardships and find resolutions

  • Be motivated to listen to their students

  • Create new ways of teaching

  • Funnel their aspirations and create actions steps

  • Connect with the community

7-10 Photo Shoot 2017, 2018

Schedule your 7-10 Photo Shoot today!

  • Receive a 45-minute consultation on wardrobe, makeup and hair

  • Receive model coaching during your photo shoot so you can have fun and feel confident posing

  • Receive digital photos in 3 business days

  • Great for personal or business

  • All-in-one package

  • Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

Learn more about past events:

Water is Life Workshop 2016

Water is Life Workshop was held at Revolusun and Lyon’s Arboretum which discussed renewable energy, the importance of water, Dakota Access Pipeline Project, and expressing personal views through painting.

Aha ‘Awa & Storytellers 2016

Aha ‘Awa & Storytellers whom she had partnered with Na Mea Hawai’i. Read the article, Unity through ‘Awa published in OHA’s Ka Wai Ola newspaper. This featured community leaders each month who had shared a personal story that delivers a positive message, builds community and perpetuates Hawaiian culture.

Aha ‘Awa & Storytellers

Aha ‘Awa & Storytellers

“Absolutely a delight! The ability to shift set away from work and dive deep emotionally. Reaffirmation of stuff I already knew and treasured. Temporary spike in a baseline level of connection that was already high.”

-Frederic, Lanakila Health Center, February 2018

“Amazing! Discovering that we each make a difference in each other’s lives. I learned  that we were all once a part of something, but something brought all of us together + made us greater.”

-Al, Rebound Hawaii, December 2017

“I really enjoyed the format of showing the documentary first, providing time to collect and write our thoughts with guided instructions and to reflect, share with others. Opportunity to intentionally reflect and write honestly what our purpose is and goals are, to hear and collaborate with others in the group.”

-Anonymous, Empowering Educators Workshop, February 2017

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