Brandi Kiana-Jo

We met for a reason. 



A soulful networking experience that empowers women and strengthens sisterhood. You will leave inspired.


Together, we can make this world a better place.

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Michael-Vitally Vernon


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Leonard Keao


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Bridge the Gap Between the Community & Schools


 "By empowering educators and the community, we can cultivate an educational environment that serves us all. It's about reaching out and rising together."  -Brandi Kiana-Jo


A modeling experience for everyone

7-10 Photo Shoot

Hire Brandi to coach you through modeling in a 7-10 Photo Shoot! Her experience in modeling and coaching helps any model to feel comfortable and confident in their appearance and experience in the shoot.

First, she will consult with you (client/model) to extract information about the essence of how you want to be seen into photos you can keep. This includes a consultation on wardrobe, makeup, hair and location, modeling coaching, directing the shoot and photography.