Girlfriends Terms & Conditions

First, thank you all for supporting Girlfriends! and shining your love and light with all that attend. Thank you to all of you who has filled out the Leadership Feedback form. I care deeply about your experience and the evolution of Girlfriends! and so there has been some changes made. Please review the updated changes to Girlfriends! below.


What has changed?

  • Girlfriends! will be known as a women’s personal development workshop and professional networking event

  • Empowering Leaders will be used interchangeably as a member/partner of the Girlfriends Committee.

  • Prices for guests will drop to inspire a wider range of attendees. Hawaii guest tickets change starting at the September's event.

    • $25 for General Admission

    • $35 for Foodie includes appetizers (vegan + gluten-free) & refreshments

    • $45 for VIP includes appetizers, refreshments and a gift bag

    • $55 for VIP Late registration

    • Group Pass: $100 for 3 VIP tickets

    • 12 GA tickets for $300 don't expire, redeemable at Girlfriends events in Hawai'i only.

    • Sponsor Pass $200 includes 2 VIP tickets, logo placements, gift distribution or host event space.

  • Appreciation Packages have been upgraded with added benefits in marketing and social support. 

  • Contact cards are by request only. 

  • Free VIP tickets replace the 20% referral incentive. 

New Appreciation Packages

Gratefully, Girlfriends! is grasping attention to different parts of the U.S. and outside of the country. As we expand as a unit, I aim to shine the light on each leader so we can rise together. Please review the new Appreciation Packages which is available to enroll in immediately.

All leaders of the Girlfriends! Committee will have:

  • FREE admission as a VIP guest to all events. Unused guest passes cannot rollover to another event but can be given as a gift to another person.

  • Access to the guest list at the recap meeting only and only for the event you co-lead

  • Access to everyone’s exclusive discounts, receive special invitations and freebies

  • Social media focus: IG, Facebook & YouTube highlighting co-leaders with contact info on posts

  • Receive online and print marketing with a reach that starts at 50K

  • The options of joining the leadership group on an annual or biannual basis

  •  A minimum commitment of co-leading 1 event per 6-month agreement

  • Will receive notification to co-lead an event 2 weeks in advance plus a listing of the dates and topics will be viewable in the online calendar

  • A monthly Girlfriends! Social virtual call to connect and inspire on the 2nd Wednesday at 1pm-2pm HST (+3 hrs PST, +5 hrs CST, +6 hrs EST) Sign up for a text reminder. 

Girlfriend Annual: $900 or $88 month (includes 12 VIP passes)

Appreciation Packages

Blossom Bi-annual: $500 or 97/month (includes 6 VIP passes)

Appreciation Packages

Sister Association: $500 or $92 per member per month per 6 months. Sister Association will not have a limit on how many can join as a group and has the option to co-lead as a group! (includes 6 VIP passes)

Appreciation Packages

*Holistic Girlfriend: Holistic Girlfriend is a personal and professional coaching coaching online, a private coaching call by me, integration of essential oils as a form of self-care and incentives for building passive income. This is a 6-month commitment, includes cashback, discounts + freebies to exclusive products. (includes 6 guest passes) Inquire within.


What does this mean for you?

The Appreciation Package that you enrolled in remains the same until the end term date on the agreement form. If you’d like to upgrade before then, we’ll enroll you into the new package. We will take the difference of what you paid and apply the new program. You will not receive any of the added benefits listed above until you upgrade your package.

Why is this happening?

I am always looking for ways to creatively sustain Girlfriends! while empowering you as part of the Girlfriends Committee. I have listened to your concerns, suggestions and questions and feedback from our guests. It’s important that we listen to those we want to serve and make sound decisions based on what serves Girlfriends! mission and the highest good of all that participate.

How does lowering the guest price effect you?

$55 can seem high to some Hawaii residents, especially for those that have never invested in personal development. Lowering the cost will allow us to reach more people that need our services but are unaware of what you/we do and how you/we work. Girlfriends is a gateway to personal development while expanding our circle of friends, clients and business partners. The quality of the events will continue to improve/expand and will be more affordable to a wider range of guests.

How many tickets do I get? And how do I redeem them?

You will get 1 VIP pass per month that you are enrolled in the Leadership Appreciation Package. If you are co-leading the event or cannot attend the event, you can gift the VIP guest pass to someone you'd like to attend. Unused guest passes cannot rollover to another event and cannot be redeemed for cash. Your code is your first initial, the double digit number of the month you enrolled, EL, and the month your EL Appreciation expires.

ie: Brandi enrolled in May and will expire in May so her code would be: B05EL05

Have any questions, comments or concerns? Feel free to text me (808) 393-5527 

If your term has come to an end, I hope you decide to re-enroll and stay with us. Girlfriends! is only going to get better and better :)

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