Why Women Need Girlfriends!

Brandi created this monthly event to cultivate an invigorating space to empower women and strengthen sisterhood. This platform is to evoke growth emotionally, spiritually and physically with topics on beauty, style, career, health, relationships and spirituality. 

I want to create a space for women leaders to bond and lift each other up emotionally and spiritually with some career guidance. With dancing, good food and expressing creatively, there’s nothing like this out there. Girlfriends! is an event that is fun, inspiring, creative and relaxing all in one where meaningful friendships are born.
— Brandi


I believe that with Love, all things are possible. I’m honored to be part of such a beautiful organization with amazing women who share a common mission. My hope is that as we share our gifts with you, it inspires you to find your own unique gifts and share your radiant light with others. 
— Halona
Girlfriend’s has been an avenue to use my passions for the purpose of inspiring and uplifting friends. This is a way for me to connect with women in the community through practical use of my continuous studies in Hawaiian medicine,yoga,massage therapy, music,education and counseling psychology. I had contemplated a gathering like Girlfriendʻs for quite some time.
— Melissa
I’m interested in meeting, growing with and building lifelong relationships with like-minded women.
— Asia
I felt aligned and milled to be a part of it and support Girlfriends! in her mission of creating authentic connections and inspiring women to empower and transform their lives.
— Andrea

Girl Talk

  • Why Women Need Girlfriends!
  • Breaking Down Barriers of Jealousy
  • Nourishing Friendships Near & Far

Each girlfriend co-host and guest shared their experience on jealousy in small groups and Andrea talked about how jealousy serves us all in some way.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

  • Herbal Drinks from Asia
  • Connective Group Discussions
  • Guided Postcard Writing Exercise  
  • Painting Tile Art Session
  • Dance Break
  • Live Music from Melissa

Brandi guided everyone in a writing exercise to reflect on cherished memories that brought true friendships to light and provided a specially made postcard to nourish friendships near or far.

With these memories intact, she guided girlfriends in painting  on a tile that expressed a girlfriend they cherish and miss.

Gifts from all hosts

Asia harvested herbs from her garden to offer you a sachet as an air freshener for your home and personal use, Halona brought a Lipsense cosmetic lipbalm and candy, Andrea offered a 30-minute coaching session, Melissa created an essential oil for numerous benefits including relaxation of the body and rejuvenation for the mind and Brandi offered a scented melon candle with the specially made postcard and painted tile for you to take home. All hosts brought their time and effort in offering you a specially made gift for all girlfriends to take home. We thank you all for  joining us and can't wait to continue meeting you at Girlfriends!