26 August 2017

Summer Time Hotness

Summer Time Hotness The heat is on but don’t fret, feel beautiful wherever you go, glow inside and out with nourishing foods for the body, beauty and soul. Let’s talk about food to heal topically, internally and spiritually. With food and herbalism demos, you’ll learn how to shine within and pour it out. Join us at Girlfriends!, an event to empower women and strengthen sisterhood with herbalist and owner of Earthbalisms, Asia Gilchriest-Fogle, spiritual, life and wellness coach, Tarah Long and holistic coach and experiential event coordinator, Brandi Kiana-Jo on Saturday, August 26th 6-9pm at Surfjack Hotel 412 Lewers St, Honolulu 96815 This event is ideal for women entrepreneurs, business & community leaders and is great way to meet like-minded women. Cost: $75 includes dinner buffet, all supplies and activities, gifts from all hosts and valet. Seats are limited. Reservations are required. Save your seat before August 24th  here or call Brandi (808) 393-5527

Girl Talk

  • Beauty, Health & Spirituality with 2 Special Ingredients
  • Healing Foods


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

  • Herbal Demos
  • Ingredient Card Draw 
  • Reflective Art Therapy
  • Dance Break
  • Dinner
  • Gifts

Featuring Tarah Long

Tarah Long is a spiritual, life and health coach who will share her expertise of beauty, health and spirituality in one ingredient. 

To honor my Infinite Nature and the Infinite Nature of All. To have fun, inspire and be inspired.
— Tarah