Contact Forest Frizzell

Forest Frizzell

What you are most passionate about or what do you love to do?

I'm very passionate about our community, our aina, my family and friends. I'm an active person who loves to be outdoors playing in the ocean, hiking in the mountains. I love to participate and engage in systems, and hope to make a difference in the areas I work in.

 What do you do for work or volunteer?

By day I'm a Director of IT. I do strategic planning and visioning for the use of technology to engage, problem solve, and build efficiencies in the way people work. On my free time I'm a board member for Purple Maia, our mission is to teach technology to keiki who don't normally have access to technology training, but doing so by including ike or Hawaiian based knowledge as part of the curriculum. I'm also a board member for Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii, creating safe places for kids to have programs and a location for weekends and after school hours.

What do you do or want to do to make a difference in the world today?

I believe that we should model the way we want to make a difference. In my view point this means by your actions whether it be work, fun, or even through conflict, you do so with aloha. In a more tangible sense, I think exposing our keiki to the possibilities of what they can do or be is critical.