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What are the benefits of switching my plan or starting the Family or Business Plan?

These plans are offered to clients who have received coaching by Brandi, remain in good standing with their commitment in sessions and current in their payments. Share this experience with your family or employees and receive the benefits you've experienced in your sessions.  These plans are specifically designed to provide a safe and confidential space for your family or staff members to relieve stress and receive person guidance for a healthier and happier life through one-on-one coaching calls. Brandi's style of coaching is governed by compassion, gratitude and authenticity which will help them build sustainable behavior that encourages them to be the greatest expression of themselves. Each caller will receive spiritual and practical advice as well as a follow-up email for suggested assignments called Opportunities to Integrate.

This plan is exclusively offered during extended the hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays 7am-9pm HST by phone so they have the flexible of traveling and using this during their vacations and time off. The Flexible Plan is great way to introduce holistic coaching and to see how well people respond to it. Give them the opportunity to sign up for as many sessions as they wish in one month and use this as a guiding tool to customize a plan that best fits your family or business. However, if enough people show interest, subscribe to the Members Select or Members Advantage Plan to receive 15-25% off with the flexibility of having any unused sessions rollover to the next month. 

Your family or staff members may:

  • Reduce or Eliminate Anxiety & Depression

  • Relieve Stress & Learn How to Effectively Manage Stress

  • Identify & Strengthen Their Gifts

  • Receive Support for a Healthier & Happier Lifestyle

  • Receive Personal Guidance with an Action Plan

  • Receive Support & Learn How to Communicate with Compassion & Authenticity

  • Build Comradery

  • Find Gratitude in All Circumstances

  • Reaffirm Personal Responsibility

Are consultations included?

Yes! Consultations are included and mandatory for first-time members. The consultations are modified to 60 minutes in length and offered at the same price as the sessions.

How do we schedule sessions?

You will be given a customized code and link to schedule your sessions.

How do I pay for the plan?

For the Flexible Month to Month Plan, you will receive an invoice on the 20th to pay by the 25th of each month.

For the Members Select and Members Advantage Plan, you will subscribe to an automatic payment that will deduct your selected amount of sessions on the same day of each month. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express are accepted online via PayPal. 

What if I want to cancel or upgrade my plan?

If you want to cancel, you will need to pay for the services received plus a cancellation fee of 20% of the remaining balance of the minimum plan you subscribed to. If you would like to upgrade your plan, we will replace your current plan to the one you'd like to enroll in. 

How do I sign up?

Sign up for a 15-minute Discovery Call to customize your plan here.