One conversation can change your life.

Identify your gifts, enhance your strengths, reduce stress and gain spiritual alignment.  With an emphasis on personal and professional development, these sessions have been perfect for aspiring community leaders such as police officers, teachers, coaches, veterans, college students, health practitioners and entrepreneurs. Brandi can help you unlock the answers within, find the program right for your schedule and commitment level from single sessions to weekly packages. 

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What's the difference between a psychiatrist, a therapist and a coach?

A psychiatrist is a physician who specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of mental illness with the use of prescribed medicine.

A therapist is a person trained in methods of treating illnesses especially without the use of drugs or surgery. : a person who helps people deal with mental or emotional problems by talking about those problems 

A coach is a person specialized in a certain category and trains a person how to create a sustainable behavior change to succeed in that category. 

Brandi Kiana-Jo is specialized in stress management, identifying and strengthening gifts, building confidence and purposeful living.

Coach Brandi's Mission

To inspire and motivate individuals in understanding the value within, of others and to work together with authenticity, compassion & gratitude to live the greatest expression of ourselves.

Learn more on how Coach Brandi can help you discover the power within. 

Friendship, Community and Unity.
— Lehua, 33, Teacher & Hawaiian Healing Arts Practitioner

Hopeful, future-happy, satisfied & fulfilled with life. Relaxed. There is an answer.
— Beverly, 70, Honolulu, HI

Trust, respect, support. Agapy coming from the Greek word meaning love. She always gives and way beyond then she needs to, always cheerful, wanting to improve others around her, unconditional love.
— Remy, 33, PharmD

Respectful, interested in each other’s lives, expressive, therapeutic, real, honest, new.
— Rico, 50, Landscape Designer