Collaborate on a project!

Sponsor your space to hold an event, partner as a co-host, donate products to guests that resonate with the cause, collaborate and share your services or donate money; be a catalyst for positive change.


Comradery-Building Events

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Hire Brandi to unite your staff and colleagues in an empowering comradery-building event. She will personalize it to your organization to help reduce stress, encourage authentic connection and compassionate communication.  Learn More

Modeling & Photography

Photography by Brandi Kiana-Jo

Photography by Brandi Kiana-Jo

Make it a fun and empowering experience to have Brandi coach you in modeling or hire her as your photographer to showcase your product at an event. Learn more →

Empower Teachers

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Sponsor a workshop to empower teachers to empower students by bridging the gap between the community and schools. Learn more



 Partner or sponsor a networking event for women to empower women and strengthen sisterhood. Host an event at your venue or share your products with this organization. Learn more→