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Spa Event: Natural Pain Relief

Hosted by Empowering Leader Gloria Payoyo

We’re switching things up to bring you a true Spa Event!! And Tanya will teach us about natural pain relief and CDB oil!!

Join us for an evening of women empowerment, self love, and filling your cup!! No fee to attend, just great deals, girl time, and food!! You deserve an evening to relax, rejuvenate, and love yourself!! Message me for address and directions!!

Tanya will teach us about natural pain relief at 6:00pm

Unicorns and Beaches
Paisley Raye and Obi Belts

Brows: $20

Free mini facials

Makeup and photography (Emmalee took our debut pics!!)

Venue Name: Unicorns and Beaches

Event Address: 91-960 Iwikuamoo St #908, Ewa Beach, HI 96706 USA

Cost:: Free!!

Other information?: Text me at 252-349-2357 for directions and/or questions!!