I have been blessed with the opportunity to know and work with Brandi in a variety of settings. I first discovered Brandi and her services in a Natural Awakenings newsletter. To justify the quote written in her ad, YES!! We absolutely did meet for a reason.

What an amazing opportunity to network and authentically connect with like-minded women. I am impressed with Brandi’s ability to organize, collaborate, and lead interactive group discussions. I especially admire her ability to collaborate with other leaders and provide unique, creative opportunities for self-reflection. I have attended a couple of Girlfriends! Events, and each one was very different. Through various experiences, activities, and topics covered- I always take home profound new messages. Like ideas to implement self-love or new meditation techniques. Am also a fan of Brandi’s selection in the small details, like healthy yummy treats for the tummy paired with heart-full social fun for the soul.

Event- Project WET/ Empowering Teachers Workshop:
I had the opportunity to also partner and work with Brandi in a workshop called PWET (Project Water Education for Teachers). The program allows teachers to earn free credit and supplies educators with activity curriculum that meet Hawaii’s new science standards.

Brandi led a portion of the event with an Empowering Educators Workshop. She presented a screening of the documentary, Most Likely to Succeed, and led a powerful writing exercise and group discussion. Although the event and partnership was the first of its kind, coordination was streamlined and smooth because of Brandi’s straightforward thinking and prompt communication skills. Brandi was very organized, and effectively led teachers to reflect on their beliefs and how that translates into the classroom.

As our actions are deeply rooted in the mindset we develop growing up, my vision was to develop a water conservation program for children through PWET. I wanted to share with teachers not just PWET material, but the tremendous platform they hold to create great impact for the future. Similar to Girlfriends!, Brandi facilitated self-reflection through group instruction, which allowed teachers to recognize their power as educators and allowed the PWET facilitators to more authentically connect with the audience.

The best of the best athletes have coaches. Even Michael Jordan had a coach! I’m no Michael Jordan, but at a time where I needed new direction I discovered Brandi. Her compassionate empathic abilities paired with a wealth of knowledge played a huge role in guiding me to shift perceptions that allowed miraculous change into my life. I call her an earth angel because she has allowed me to reflect on my natural gifts and live a more purposeful life.

Brandi generously devoted much time and energy into guiding my thoughts and beliefs as a sponsor during my journey through the preliminary Miss Hawaii USA 2018 pageant. I was so impressed with her ability to coach me, as she has quite the diverse skillset: through strutting the runway in heels to channeling my root chakra with foundation to the earth to mentally preparing for the pageant interviews.

She provided me with various opportunities to integrate, one I like to call: validating my own parking ticket. Or acknowledging each step I take. Whether it is taking the step to be courageous in the presence of fear, taking the step to run for a preliminary Miss Hawaii, or taking the step to fold my laundry. Honoring each step, there is no need for external validation; I validate my own parking ticket! Although I did not take home a crown, I actually won an even greater prize: infinite free parking!!
— Brittney



Brittney Higuchi

Brittney Higuchi is a civil engineer at the Honolulu Board of Water Supply. She is a kind-hearted, joyful, silly and compassionate woman who is also detail-oriented and hardworking. From water conservation, building community projects to inspiring others to breakthrough depression, she shares an incredible passion to help others. She has worked with Brandi Kiana-Jo in various ways from partnering with Empowering Educators Workshop, attending Girlfriends! as a guest to receiving a 7-10 Photo Shoot and personal holistic coaching while running for Miss Hawaii USA in 2018. Brittney won Miss Popularity in the pageant!

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