What do you do or want to do to make a difference in the world today?

 I deeply want those in their last moments of life here on this planet to feel comforted and peaceful through therapeutic music. As a future therapist, I seek to work with a hospice organization (and in private practice) to provide others with skills, tools, and the means to cope with grief, loss, bereavement, depression, trauma, and anxiety. 

Amanda Odish

What you are most passionate about or what do you love to do?

 I'm most passionate about being a vessel for compassion, love, and peace in my service. Through this work, my mission is to use therapeutic harp music to bring relief to suffering, and to create a space of safety, comfort, and relaxation for those who hear it. 

What do you do for work or volunteer?

I am a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner, and I have experience playing in hospice for the actively dying, as well as in over 40 facilities in San Diego. I'm now playing therapeutic music for facilities here in Oahu, and will be expanding as the years go on.