Testimonies from Private Sessions & Events Below

Where do I begin? How do you even describe happiness? I’ve learned how to love again. I learned how to live again. I learned to live my life with a better way of thinking. I learned how to eat way better. Theres just so much, I can’t even think of all of it at this moment, but I do realize the moments that I know she helped me.
— Kahi Sczymanski, Plane Captain, Corpus Christ, Tx
Hopeful, future-happy, satisifed & fulfilled with life. Relaxed. There is an answer.
— Beverly, 70, Honolulu, HI
I learned that I feel really good when I talk about things on my mind and that I need to take a little more control of my life and myself to do what I know is best for me and my family. I really enjoyed meeting you, Brandi, and taking steps to get a better balance in my life so that I can be the best person I can be.
— Rosanna, 35, Archaeologist
I had just finished my associates and making decisions about what to do next. I originally thought Brandi was a dietician and we wound up discussing a lot more than food. One of the questions she asks is when were you most happy and I am working toward that time being the present. Only had one (consultation) so far and a brief follow up but i think there is a lot of potential to learn from this lady. I liked how they were fun and informative and had ideas i could follow up on pretty much immediately. Eye-opening. I actually have recommended her to one friend already.
— Mark, 36, USA Full-Time Student
She deeply understands the importance of looking at the connection between mind, body and spirit. She is very knowledgeable about each topic separately, but what she does in her practice, and in her own life, is pull them together in a beautiful way. Brandi has always provided me with support and guidance for my coaching practice – she really understands how to guide people to health and happiness in a way that’s supportive and effective. Her positive attitude is always a reminder to me that this life is really an amazing adventure – her positivity is contagious! I am so fortunate to have had the opportunity to get to know Brandi!
— Kate, 24, Holistic Health Coach & Yoga Teacher, New York
Beautiful, adventurous and unique.
— Jamaal, 34, Life Coach & Personal Trainer
Before starting my sessions with Brandi I knew I wanted to eat healthier and be healthier, but I needed help understanding what my individual needs were. Since my sessions I have a better outlook on health that has affected even my kids health. I find myself recovering from diseases faster and mostly preventing illnesses through discovering healthier foods. I found all of my sessions packed with a lot of information in such a short session. I liked the fact that our meetings were prompt. These sessions are good for anybody. If you are going through a change in life or feel you need to change something in your life and you need help, Brandi is your girl. I appreciated the accountability.
— Tyson, 44, Restaurant Industry
Like thinking, respect, admiration, kindness, and fun.
— Michael, 51, Michigan
She has impacted my life both personally and as her former client and soon to be her client once again. She has touched and challenged my mind, body, soul and spirit both as a friend and as my coach.
— Rob, 51, Sales Consultant
Therapeutic, rejuvenating, enlightening.
— Lindsey, 40, Writer
Uplifting, valuable process of thinking (loved both the video & workshop!) I need to start implementing my visions now!
— Steph, ETES, April 2017
I really enjoyed the format of showing the documentary first, providing time to collect and write our thoughts with guided instructions and to reflect, share with others. Opportunity to intentionally reflect and write honestly what our purpose is and goals are, to hear and collaborate with others in the group.
— Anonymous from Empowering Teachers to Empower Students Workshop, Feb. 2017
I enjoyed being led into sorting my thoughts.
— Anonymous, ETES, April 2017
Loved joining in with teachers and learning about a new way of doing things.
— Anonymous from Empowering Teachers to Empower Students Workshop, Feb. 2107
Love it! Good variety. Peaceful ambiance. Perfect setting.
— Anonymous from Water is Life, Dec. 2016
Beautiful. Kia ora.
— Anynonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Dec. 2016
I really enjoyed the guided meditation. I learned how to do a meditation and the importance of giving to ourselves.
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps Nov. 2016
I truly enjoyed how deep you made us dig into ourselves! The meditation opened my heart and mind!
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps, Nov. 2016
Love of self.
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Nov. 2016
Pono, ohana, akua
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Sept. 2016

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Brandi puts her mind, heart and soul into each ONE of our SESSIONS. She has helped me move forward in my personal and overall life by creating a more balanced and fulfilled life. Highly recommended to anyone that needs that extra push in life for greater purpose.
— Michael-Vitally Vernon Champion Athlete, Fitness Coach and Model, Philanthropist
Opening up yourself to someone else can make you feel vulnerable, yet so free. I learned that in order for me to see myself I must allow others to see me as well. I enjoyed Brandi’s definition of success, and her evaluation of what she saw in me.
— Brandon, 22, Self-Employed
I learned more about me and who I am and also about others and how I can support them. I enjoyed speaking out and saying what’s on my mind. I found the learning process valuable and writing things down.
— Devyne, 13, O'ahu
Brandi exudes a confidence,ease,and grace I was looking for in a professional life coach. She works with her clients strengths and weaknesses to provide them with the resources they need to accomplish their goals.It isnt always easy working with someone especially in relation to personal matters. Brandi helped me to face old fears Id often run away from.Our sessions were heartfelt. She was like an old girlfriend I met back in elementary school and continued to remain friends with. We laughed,cried,shared personal testimonies and learned from each other. I definitely have gained many authentic experiences through my work with Brandi.
— Melissa N., Teacher, O'ahu
Engaging, resilient, and fruitful.
— Felicidy, 24, Stockton, CA
Solid! A grateful friend, I look at her like a Spiritual Guide.
— Keala, 38, Moloka'i
She knows a lot about different industries and the expectations of those industries. She asks thought provoking and beneficial questions for my life goals. She has been a selfless, intelligent, and helpful mentor for everything I needed to advance my career and my own self achievement...Thank you Brandi for getting me on the right track and suggesting the path for my success! I can’t say she will help you as much as she helped me but I know she can! Do it for yourself and she’ll help you!
— Jeff, 31, New Jersey
Friendship, Community and Unity.
— Lehua, 33, Teacher & Hawaiian Healing Arts Practitioner
Trust, respect, support. Agapy coming from the Greek word meaning love. She always gives and way beyond then she needs to, always cheerful, wanting to improve others around her, unconditional love.
— Remy, 33, PharmD
Respectful, interested in each other’s lives, expressive, therapeutic, real, honest, new.
— Rico, 50, Landscape Designer
Therapeutic, healthy, future.
— Jeffrey, 31, Chef & Manager

Testimonies from Events & Workshops

Hearing each person in my group talk, such lovely personalities! Painting!
— Anonymous, Girlfriends! May 2017
Jealousy, it is such a constant struggle that is not talked about openly enough. Painting! So fun!
— Elliana, Girlfriends! May 2017
The thought exercise was valuable in helping me to identify road blocks in my path.
— Tyler, ETES, April 2017
It was a healing aspect to it. And I think it was awesome that you brought in other organizations.
— Anonymous from Empowering Teachers to Empower Students Workshop, Feb. 2017
I learned a lot of facts about water and the importance of it for so many things.
— Anonymous from Water is Life, Dec. 2016
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers Dec. 2016
I normally don’t like speaking in front of people but I felt very relaxed and honest with my answers (even though I didn’t talk). You have a very calming presence.
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps, Nov. 2016
It was very peaceful.
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps, Nov. 2016
Hopeful, inspiring, self-awakening
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Oct. 2016
Unifying, community, aloha
— Anonymous from Aha 'Awa & Storytellers, Aug. 2016
Money can’t buy happiness, but good health can.
— Brandi Kiana-Jo