Be empowered.

come to the Events and

discover A new Way of Healing

Whether it’s through coaching sessions or events brought by Brandi, she will help you to reflect and think deeply about your connection with yourself and others.

Brandi’s events are created to reach a wide variety of people to empower the unity of people, art, food, culture, technology and nature. Art lovers, musicians, foodies, farmers, educators, nonprofit organizations and small local businesses all have a place at Brandi’s events. Bringing together a community in a new way that is fun, unique and thought-provoking, she creates an experience that invites you to share with friends. You will leave inspired.

Get in on what's going on with Brandi Kiana-Jo and Her Events!

Check out various events purposeful for bringing people together, learning and creating an understanding of each other while having fun for a healthier and happier life.