Coaching & Event Planning

It's one experience, one moment and one chance to make a difference.


Interested in putting together an event for your company, friends or family that unites and creates an authentic connection? 

Brandi started producing 4 events in December 2015, not one or two but four. They were small and intimate like most of her events. By the end of 2016, she had produced 17 events with a range of 4-40 attendees. Her first partnership was with Maile Meyers, Na Mea Hawai'i and Keala Kahuanui-Paleka. She had spoken as a guest speaker for AmeriCorps Vista about meditation and handling stress, West Oahu Professionals Network.

Since then, Brandi has partnered with Josh Reppun to use an award-winning documentary about education, Most Likely to Succeed, as a catalyst to empower educators in her workshop. She had volunteered to be a part of the Abstract Committee, a moderator for the education program and judge for student's presentation with the Hawai'i Conservation Alliance for Hawai'i Conservation Conference 2017 and has worked with Gregg Fraser and the Hawai'i Restaurant Association as a vendor coordinator and event planner for their Annual Golf Tournament, Hall of Fame Dinner, and Holiday Party in 2017.

Brandi has worked with a wide range of people from coaches, healers, cultural practitioners, farmers, restaurateurs, food and beverage professionals, health practitioners, lawyers, nonprofit organizations, police officers and many others since 2015. One of Brandi's qualities is her ability to bring people together from various upbringings and perspectives and help them realize the value in working together. Her passion emphasizes compassion, gratitude, authenticity and the power of now. She may guide you through meditation, writing exercises, discussions or art therapy.

Work with Brandi, she can help you plan an event to develop a positive, energetic and unforgettable experience. 

Brandi will come equipped with all supplies needed and may even bring refreshments and pupus. 


Amazing! Discovering that we each make a difference in each other’s lives. I learned that we were all once a part of something, but something brought all of us together + made us greater.
— Al, 32, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
Uplifting, valuable process of thinking (loved both the video & workshop!) I need to start implementing my visions now!
— Steph, ETES, April 2017
Meaningful and full of love. Everyone’s participation & honesty. Show hows truly loving and open people at Rebound are.
— Beata, 41, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
Love it! Good variety. Peaceful ambiance. Perfect setting
— Anonymous from Water is Life, Dec. 2016
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Many thanks for photography by Brandon Tabiolo

Beautiful! Learning more about my co-workers personally. We’re all human. Have same life experiences and can use that to help each other.
— Heavenly, 37, Rebound Hawai'i Holiday Party, Dec. 2017
I truly enjoyed how deep you made us dig into ourselves! The meditation opened my heart and mind!
— Anonymous from Staying Energized While Serving Others for AmeriCorps, Nov. 2016