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Your Journey in the practice

The Practice is an emphasis on holistic health coached by Brandi Kiana-Jo. 

This is a program that is upheld to Brandi's highest priority in assisting people in having balance in the mind, body & spirit. Holistic health is an ancient concept but Brandi brings a fun and modern twist consisting of intuitive counseling, guided mediation, writing exercises and art therapy. She uses scientific evidence to promote natural ways of healing in diet & nutrition, relationships & communication, and career & spirituality so you can takeaway both practical and creative tips to integrate in your life.  Brandi concentrates each session personalized to your aspirations and empowers you to be the best that you can be. Her style is intuitive, practical and empathic.

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Experience the events with Brandi Kiana-Jo & Friends

Brandi Kiana-Jo is a lover and promoter for unity of people, culture, food, land, ocean, and the essence of happiness and love. Through working with community leaders and organizations, she develops events focused on the experience of bringing these together.

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