An event produced for an experience.

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Brandi started producing 4 events in December 2015, not one or two but four. They were small and intimate like most of her events. By the end of 2016, she had produced 17 events with a range of 4-40 attendees. Her first partnership was with Maile Meyers, Na Mea Hawai'i and Keala Kahuanui-Paleka. She has spoken at AmeriCorps Vista, West Oahu Professionals Network and YMCA in Kalihi and has been featured on Living 808, Hawaii's KHON news channel and interviewed on Facebook, YouTube, Pinoy Power Radio and other channels.

Brandi has partnered with Josh Reppun to use an award-winning documentary about innovative education, Most Likely to Succeed, as a catalyst to empower educators in her workshop. She has worked with nonprofits such as The Hawaii Restaurant Association and The Hawaiian Scottish Association as their event coordinator and has volunteered as an Abstract Committee, a moderator for the education program and judge for student's presentation with the Hawai'i Conservation Alliance for Hawai'i Conservation Conference 2017 and 2018.

Brandi has worked with a wide range of people from coaches, healers, cultural practitioners, farmers, restaurateurs, food and beverage professionals, health practitioners, lawyers, nonprofit organizations, police officers and many others since 2015. One of Brandi's qualities is her ability to bring people together from various upbringings and perspectives and help them realize the value in working together. Her passion emphasizes compassion, gratitude, authenticity and the power of now. She may guide you through various activities to bring people together. 

    Brandi can help you produce an event to develop a positive, energetic and unforgettable experience from personal to company events. You can work with Brandi as your event planner, coordinator or consultant! From the beginning of producing the event to working the day-of event. Sign up for a Discovery Call to learn more and schedule your initial meeting.

    Friendship, Community and Unity.
    — Lehua, 33, Teacher & Hawaiian Healing Arts Practitioner
    Hopeful, future-happy, satisifed & fulfilled with life. Relaxed. There is an answer.
    — Beverly, 70, Honolulu, HI
    Trust, respect, support. Agapy coming from the Greek word meaning love. She always gives and way beyond then she needs to, always cheerful, wanting to improve others around her, unconditional love.
    — Remy, 33, PharmD
    Respectful, interested in each other’s lives, expressive, therapeutic, real, honest, new.
    — Rico, 50, Landscape Designer