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Tarah is expressive, fun, nurturing, action-oriented, curious, loving and irrelevant at times. She enjoys in depth conversations. 

You might've seen her lead Girlfriends! at New Year Bliss this year & Summer Time Hotness in 2017. She'll be co-hosting Girlfriends! in March: Empower Women for 2018.

Her calling is to coach people in experiencing their infinite nature so they can choose unconditional bliss in any moment, regardless of external circumstances.

To activate and awaken all galactic beings so they may remember who they are, why they are here and raise the vibration on Earth.
— Tarah

Tarah cyel

is a Galactic Tour Guide and Spiritual Life Coach. She helps those who feel like they don’t belong here on Earth to activate their Infinite Nature, rise to meet their soul’s deepest calling, be the leader they came here to be and thus raise the vibration of all. Tarah is the host of the Wide Awakened Healing Podcast. Find out more on her website at 

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Lee Yen was born in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. She  believes that community support is the best way to create healthy habits and describes her personality as dependable, loyal, self-driven, fun and loves to connect with different souls. 

The Scentsible Tribe is a community of individuals and families that strive to help each other develop, grow and build their potential to live in wellness, purpose and abundance. Learn more about her at

Her mission/vision statement: The Scentsible Tribe is a community of individuals and families that strive to help each other develop, grow and build their potential to live in wellness, purpose and abundance.

You may have seen her lead Girlfriends: New Year Bliss this year.

Girlfriends’ mission is very much in alignment with The Scentsible Tribe’s and it is important for me to enter into partnerships that create synergy and provide a platform in which to grow my reach.
— Lee Yen

Lee yen anderson

is a wellness coach and her family’s health advocate. She is the founder of The Scentsible Tribe and believes that community support is the best way to create healthy habits. She uses nutrition, yoga and essential oils to spread her knowledge of tools to thrive and keys to resilience.

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She calls herself “The Advocate”.

You might've seen her at Girlfriends! Why Women Need Girlfriends, Celebrating Your Uniqueness and The Way Women View Money in 2017.

Her mission/vision statement: “I am a purpose-driven mother, wife, entrepreneur and successful investor who desires to have a net worth of more than $1 million in assets before the age of 40 by responsibly and intentionally growing myself, my family and our money to literally move mountains with the power of who I truly am.” - Halona

I want to bring forth my authentic Self in hopes that it will motivate, inspire and encourage Girlfriends to embrace their special gifts and step into their light where they may recognize their own purpose here in this time space reality.

— Halona

Halona Brooks

is a Be-At-Home-Mom, Empowering Leader of Girlfriends!, retailer and distributor of Lipsense, which is a vegan and cruelty-free stay-on make-up cosmetic line, DBA Gloss Boss Lady. Halona is also a real estate investor.

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Gloria describes her personality as being shy, kind, genuine, sarcastic and a big believer of grace and grit!

LuLaRoe creates limited edition shirts, skirts, and dresses for women.  As well as shirts for men, kids clothes, and life changing leggings!  LuLaRoe VIPs by Gloria P focuses on offering a large inventory, excellent customer service, and women empowerment. She's based in Kapolei but will travel!"

You may have seen Gloria lead Girlfriends: Seasons Change from Fashion to Food and 70's Disco and 80's Retro Halloween Costume Party in 2017 and will see her lead May: Girlfriends! this year.

Our missions are aligned & I LOVE how heart centered Girlfriends! is!! I want to be a part of women empowerment, lift up other women, & all of our cups!!
— Gloria

Gloria Payoyo

is a LuLaRoe retailer, the owner of LuLaRoe VIPs by Gloria P, and loves to help women feel beautiful and empowered one outfit at a time!

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Gisella is more of an observer unless it comes to dancing or something she's truly passionate about!

She loves spending time with her family, being outside, dancing and helping people grow their business. Her focused contribution to Girlfriends! is career, money and time management. 

You may seen her lead Girlfriends: The Way Women View Money, Seasons Change from Fashion to Food and 70's Disco and 80's Retro Halloween Costume Party in 2017 and you will see her lead March: Empower Women and June: Your Inner Child this year.

Through teaching people how to dance and creating a great environment in the dance studio, I love watching people become comfortable in their own skin and grow into the person they always wanted to be. I now get to do that with their businesses also.
— Gisella

Gisella West-Schultz

is a business strategist coach and owner of Arthur Murray Dance Center on O'ahu. She can give you ballroom and latin dance lessons and coach you into turning your inspiration into action!

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Beckie joined Girlfriends! for community involvement. With her girlfriends, she enjoys hanging out, laughing and talking.

You might've seen her at Girlfriends! The Way Women View Money.

Her mission/vision statement is to provide a community for health wellness and sustainability.


Each day I take time to reflect on being in the present moment with humility and gratitude. Living in the NOW and appreciating every experience to it’s fullest without bringing up the past or projecting into the future is my mantra. 
— Beckie

Beckie Kowalski

is the president publisher of Natural Awakenings Hawai'i which provides a print  magazine to over 37,000 readers from 350+ free distribution locations around O'ahu and the Big Island.

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Asia is cool and calm on the surface with an undeniable drive to accomplish a goal (water, air and fire). You can expect to see Asia presenting for Girl Talk and Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! She loves to work with women on healing and release.

Asia consults in herbalism, yoni steams and hosts personalized classes on how to make body care products such as soaps, shampoos, blended oils and more.

You may have seen Asia lead Girlfriends: What Girlfriends! is All About, Summer Time Hotness and Seasons Change from Fashion to Food in 2017.

Heal mama earth, heal ourselves.
— Asia

You might've seen her at Girlfriends! Why Women Need Girlfriends and Summer Time Hotness.

Asia Gilchriest-Fogle

is the founder of Earthbalisms of 2010, she specializes in herbal treatments for women including her own line of products and teaches classes on how to make your own! 

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Andrea is outgoing, optimistic and always looking for the blessings in life.

You might've seen Andrea lead Girlfriends! Why Women Need GirlfriendsCelebrating Your Uniqueness and The Way Women View Money in 2017 and will see her lead June: Your Inner Child and July: Embrace New Opportunities this year.

Her mission/vision statement is to empower people with tools to heal emotional pain and experience unconditional love on their journey home to their true self.

I believe that with Love, all things are possible. I’m honored to be part of such a beautiful organization with amazing women who share a common mission. My hope is that as we share our gifts with you, it inspires you to find your own unique gifts and share your radiant light with others. 
— Andrea

Andrea Pack

is a soul-centered coach and spiritual counselor that specializes in relationship & emotional healing, somatic counseling, trauma resolution and biodynamic cranio-sacral therapy. Learn more at

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