Girlfriends! is a women's workshop and networking event to which empowers women through personal and professional development while creating positive relationships. Through guided discussions and activities on various topics including beauty, style, career, money, health, spirituality and relationships, Girlfriends! welcomes and supports you in sharing your gifts with all that participate.

Girlfriends! is an extension of Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC and holds a safe and welcoming place for women to connect and make a positive impact.


To create a positive social outlet through creative events that inspires a community of women to support and empower each other through personal and professional development.


Joining the Girlfriends! Committee

You have been invited to join the Girlfriends Committee which means you're partnering with Brandi Kiana-Jo, LLC on an annual or biannual basis. With this arranged agreement for mutual benefits of working together, you will be advertised on print and online such as flyers, social media, and newsletter as a leader of Girlfriends!. You are an important asset to this event and experience! You are viewed as someone who is ready to share your gifts with others to enrich yours and their life. You are a friend and now a partner of Girlfriends!. You are ready to make a positive influence on others and lead with integrity of empowering women and strengthening sisterhood through positive encouragement and support. Girlfriends! participants will listen to you, so it is important that you give your best as a leader of Girlfriends!

You will be getting support from Brandi and the Girlfriends! community, along with discounts and special invitations to private events.

As a EL you will get: 

  • FREE admission as a VIP guest to all events. Unused guest passes cannot rollover to another event but can be given as a gift to another person.

  • Access to the guest list at the recap meeting only and only for the event they co-lead

  • Access to everyone’s exclusive discounts, receive special invitations and freebies

  • Social media focus: IG, Facebook & YouTube highlighting co-leaders with contact info on posts

  • Receive online and print marketing with a reach that starts at 50K

  • The option of joining the leadership group on an annual or biannual basis

  • A minimum commitment of co-leading 1 event per 6-month agreement

  • Will receive notification to co-lead an event 2 weeks in advance plus a listing of the dates and topics will be viewable in the online calendar

  • A monthly Girlfriends! Social virtual call to connect and inspire on 2nd Wednesday at 1pm-2pm HST (+3 hrs PST, +5 hrs CST, +6 hrs EST) Sign up here.

  • Acknowledgement on any events you assist in will be recognized in text, print or photo on marketing materials depending on your involvement, commitment and contribution to the event ie: if an EL helps by creating or donating gifts, EL may be acknowledged by name and/or company recognition on printed marketing materials, may also be acknowledged by shout-outs via social media channels.

How much time are you investing in co-leading 1 event?

  • 2 collaborative meetings 90 minutes each done virtually, 2 months ahead

  • actual event (at least 3 hours) on-site

  • 2 meetings 60 minutes done virtually, month of


  • Marketing value is +$3000 per event. All sales are final.

  • Placement for gift in each bag delivered directly to guests

  • Blossom Leader and Sister Association receives 6 VIP passes

  • Girlfriend Leader receives 12 VIP passes

  • You must attend all meetings to co-lead an event

What this does not include:

  •  Supplies you need to present or gift

  • Training you for the topics you wish to present

  • Transportation to or from Girlfriends! or any invitations to private events

  • Any liability associated with your presentation or contributions

  • Personalized coaching is not included in this agreement but Brandi would be honored to coach you! She will provide light coaching and guidance, as a Coach, Event Producer & Speaker but any personalized sessions are to be scheduled and paid separately. Ask what is available for Girlfriends! Committee!