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Fallon was born in Waltham, MA and grew up in Carmel, CA. She describes herself as an extrovert, adventurous, mellow, kind, astute, honest and charismatic. You can expect to see Fallon presenting in Girlfriends! events in May Girlfriends & August Highlighting Coaches. Through Girlfriends!, Fallon wants to provide education on health and wellness, help others network and grow, as well as be a good friend. 

Her current passion is health and improving quality of life both physically, mentally and spiritually and is working towards improving being in the present moment consistently and taking more time to enjoy nature.

Fear is nothing, but a limit to your true potential.
— Fallon


Fallon mendes

is an Empowering Leader of Girlfriends! and owner of 360 Wellness HI and wants to improve the health and wellness of Oahu, by sharing her education and experience with others who want to learn to live an exceptional quality of life.

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Visit Fallon's website here or message her directly!

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