Bridging the gap between the community & schools

Empowering Teachers to Empower Students

 "By empowering educators and the community, we can cultivate an educational environment that serves us all. It's about reaching out and rising together." 

Holistic Health Coach & Experiential Event Coordinator, Brandi Kiana-Jo, pushes forth a movement to bring the community together in creative ways driven by the inspirations of educators, local businesses and nonprofits that want to cultivate a better platform for educators and students today and tomorrow.

In this workshop, educators will:

  • Be Acknowledged for Teacher's Obstacles
  • Be Inspired to Teach
  • Funnel Awareness & Aspirations
  • Create Action Steps 
  • Ignite Creativity & Resourcefulness
  • Connect with the Community
  • Reduce Stress 
  • Build Compassion
  • Find Resolutions

Brandi would like to do this workshop for as many educators as possible starting with O'ahu. This workshop starts with a free screening of documentary, Most Likely to Succeed, then guides educators into writing exercises and group discussions.  This workshop is 4 hours in length. Costs: $25/person with a 10-person minimum or $500 maximum

Bridging the Gap Between the Community & Schools



Brandi is also assisting Michael-Vitally Vernon, a champion athlete, fitness coach & model, in empowering kids at 3 schools. To learn more, read about Michael here.