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Girlfriends! is a monthly event for women entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders that focuses on developing meaningful relationships. Bringing networking to a new level that inspires creativity and self-reflection enhancing both, personal and professional growth. Whether you want to expand your network, make new friends or gain new clients, this is the perfect event for you to attend.

Code of Ethics

  • Be Kind & Loving to Yourself
  • Be Kind & Compassionate to Others
  • Let Karma Work Itself Out
  • Uphold Integrity and Be Respectful of Differences & Private Information Shared
  • Be Positive in the Way You Express Yourself
  • Be Supportive and Ask for Support
  • Be Responsible for Your Actions & Listen to Your Intuition


To create a positive social outlet through creative events that inspires a community of women to support and empower each other in personal and professional endeavors.


To sustain and expand the movement of women empowerment and sisterhood as a positive form of self-care across the globe.

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Empower Women

If you missed this one, you totally missed out! Tarah guided a wonderful meditation to help us explore our calling then Gisella shared a game and gave us 10 tips to help us build our business plan. Great stuff! So much to walk away with. Each of us shared a bit of our story on how we got into entrepreneurship and Brandi talked about 3 qualities to keep moving in the direction that resonates with your highest good: confidence, courage and motivation. 


It's still Women's History Month and we are definitely making history!

Please welcome our newest Empowering Leaders! 

Fallon Mendes!

Fallon was born in Waltham, MA and grew up in Carmel, CA. She describes herself as an extrovert, adventurous, mellow, kind, astute, honest and charismatic. You can expect to see Fallon presenting in Girlfriends! events in May Girlfriends & August Highlighting Coaches

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Caroline Jalayahay


Caroline was born in Manila, Philippines and lives on Maui, HI. She describes herself as a "welcoming, great listener, serving heart, compassionate, motivator, encourager, sympathetic, adaptable, faith-filled lover of Christ!" You can expect to see Caroline co-hosting in Girlfriends! events in May Girlfriends

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Erine Reid with West Coast Pearls!

Erine was born in New Jersey and lives in Roseville, CA. She is outgoing, enthusiastic, and very honest. She is a good listener and finds a lot of her friends look for her advice. She is a team player and says, "two heads is always better than one." As a teacher, she's knows you never stop learning. Erine loves meeting new people and traveling. Together, with Michele Coomler, they make West Coast Pearls.


Michele Coomler with West Coast Pearls!

Michele says she is outgoing, friendly, and honest. "I am a people person and love meeting new people. I have leadership skills, I am detail oriented, and love to pour into people. I have a heart for God." She wants to offer the Girlfriends! Community friendship, support, and love. Together, with Erine Reid, they make West Coast Pearls.

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Ryan Charaba

is our first male Empowering Leader and is planning to co-host in October in 2018. He wants to offer an honest, open, and vulnerable man's perspective to this community. He describes himself as a Rebel Leader. He does not believe in inside of the box. He barely believe the box exists. He's open, honest and excited to dig deep into who we are to find all the parts of who we are. He is also one of the co-host of Shift to Rise Retreat with Tarah Cyel.

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Tarah & Ryan has their retreat coming up next month in April, if you want to go to that, make sure to sign up quick because spots are filling up!

Gisella has her networking women's event Tuesday, March 27th at Vintage Cave Cafe. It's free to show up but find exclusive deals on the exclusive list!