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Drink Safe Initiative is a free 1-hour workshop to educate and protect the community from being date rape drugged and to inspire a safer drinking culture.

Date Rape Drugs are commonly overlooked, under-reported and happen far too often. There is no educational program that keeps us safe from being date rape drugged. Being drugged can lead to human and sex trafficking, sexual assault, blackmail, other manipulative behavior and even death. Drink Safe Initiative will be the first educational program that benefits all people regardless of age, race, occupation or gender and inspires people to be conscious of their well-being especially when drinking alcoholic beverages.

This is a not-for-profit awareness campaign that educates the community with real-life scenarios and to influence safer guidelines in the culinary industry to protect guests, employees and their businesses from Date Rape Drugs.

This free workshop will be conducted by holistic life coach, Brandi Kiana-Jo and will be held at colleges, restaurants, alcohol-serving establishments and other organizations to educate

  • What date rape drugs are

  • How to keep our community safe 

  • What to do if you've been drugged

  • Participants interact in real-life scenarios

Brandi's vision is to create a safer drinking culture for all by making Drink Safe Initiative an educational program integrated in the culinary industry.

She's looking for further support from the police department, programs like Crime Stoppers, D.A.R.E., to educate alcohol-serving establishments such as restaurants, bars and nightclubs, high schools, colleges, organizations affiliated with sexual assault treatment and drug abuse treatment facilities. However, anyone that is willing to participate, volunteer or host the venue is encouraged to contact us!

The funds will be distributed to create awareness for the Drink Safe Initiative through media productions, live workshops, pamphlets, signs and handouts to educate the public for free for 3 months and an educational video to promote freely afterwards.

Please help us by donating to this positive cause that will help the community in various ways!

A message from Brandi Kiana-Jo:

As a holistic life coach, I care deeply about others and am devoted to empowering people to live their best life possible. Unfortunately, I was date rape drugged and it was one of the scariest situations I had lived through. I had no control over my body, I was sexually assaulted and I felt like I was dying. I could not see (blind) for hours, I could not move (paralyzed), I blacked out every few minutes and was told I was acting out of character. I was humiliated and I didn’t know what was going on. Death is a side effect of date rape drugs but fortunately I'm alive to do something positive from this experience. I don't want anyone to go through what I went through. Getting your help to move the Drink Safe Initiative will help me to share my story, educate the community and inspire all of us to look after each other. I am grateful for your consideration and would be incredibly thankful for your help. Whatever you can donate, can help me to save a life, maybe it'll help your daughter, uncle, niece, brother, friend or maybe it'll save your life. I humbly thank you for your consideration.

-Brandi K-J


Please Donate to support the Drink Safe Initiative!

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Download the Sponsorship Form Here