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Ladies Night

A ladies night just for the ladies! Gentlemen, we'll see you out there but we're I'm huddling the women together for a night of dancing fun, laughing tears and smiles that stretch across the dancefloor. Get ready, ladies, we're going to kill it on the catwalk! Guest list and VIP status always whether I call it or not, mount up!

Last text thread:

I encourage you to join me in spending tomorrow night meeting new people and perhaps forming new friendships. Enjoy this with the clarity of mind and the resist to drinking. Can you do it? Of course you can! You've done it several times before some of you had formed it as a habit associated with nightlife. If you want to drink, no judgement but if you accpet the challenge I promise you it will be enlightening. 

-Brandi Kiana-Jo San Agustin

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