Sponsor a Project

Hosting an event can make a big difference for the people that attend. Whether they are vendor, volunteer or co-host, everyone that is involved will have a deeper understanding of themselves and their relation with others. As a sponsor you will not only be a catalyst for positive change but you will be acknowledge for your contributions. Select a project, you resonate with and see your help would be appreciated.


Coach & Events

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Brandi loves bringing people together. Allow Brandi to coach your organization or plan an event about Stress Management, Communication: The Practice of Listening, Sales & Marketing...  More information →

7-10 Photo Shoot

Photography by Brandi Kiana-Jo

Photography by Brandi Kiana-Jo

7-10 Photo Shoot is not just for single models, it can be for products, events and special occasions. More information →


ETES Workshop

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Sponsor this workshop to bridge the gap between the community and schools by having Brandi guides educators, local businesses and nonprofits in working together... More information →



Host Girlfriends! at your restaurant, studio or classroom! Brandi loves to create activities customized to the audience. She can guide you into art therapy, writing exercises, games... More information →