7-10 Photo shoot

A Modeling Experience for Everyone

Feel the empowerment in your next photo shoot! Hire Brandi to coach you through modeling in a 7-10 Photo Shoot! Her experience in modeling and coaching helps any model to feel comfortable and confident in their appearance and experience in the shoot.

First, she will consult with you (client/model) to extract information about the essence of how you want to be seen into photos you can keep. This includes a consultation on wardrobe, makeup, hair and location, modeling coaching, directing the shoot and photography.

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 Many people want to model but it's not easy! There's a lot to consider when modeling, there's deciding on the look, photographer, costs and posing. It can be quite daunting! What you see on the magazines and videos aren't as seamless or romantic as it's fantasized. It's highly competitive and people can be downright mean about your look and modeling skills. Many models are verbally and mentally abused to the point that they have self-esteem issues and eating disorders. This is why I want to coach you through having an uplifting and empowering experience in front of the camera with photos you can share with your family and friends!  It's about taking great photos and feeling good with your natural self no matter what size, gender, social or sexual orientation, culture or religious background you come from! It's a chance for everyone to have an empowering modeling experience.